Concerns about censorship are raised as 51% of Ethereum blocks are currently compliant with OFAC standards.

One month after the merge, mev-enhance relays accelerated its marketplace proportions as block builders, information shows.

One month after the Merge, 51% of ethereum blocks had been compliant with OFAC standards, in step with blockchain improvement Labrys information, as MEV-enhanced relays take over marketplace proportion.

On Twitter, customers highlighted how the figures constitute a milestone toward censorship, as greater blocks are under surveillance:

We have reached every other unhappy milestone in censorship: 51% 
This way, if the censoring validators might now prevent testifying to non-censoring blocks, they might ultimately shape the canonical, 100% censoring

OFAC is an acronym for the Office of Foreign Assets Control, which is in charge of imposing American monetary sanctions, whereas mev-enhance relays are centralized entities that serve as intermediaries between block manufacturers and block builders.In this way, all Ethereum Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators can outsource their block manufacturing to different builders.

This metric tracks what number of blocks have been constructed with the aid of using OFAC compliant mev-enhanced relays for the reason that Merge. Due to Ethereum’s improvement to a PoS consensus, mev-enhance has been enabled to a greater consultant distribution of block proposers in preference to a small organization of miners beneath Proof of Work (PoW).

Within the past month, Ethereum blocks went from 9% OFAC compliant to 51% OFAC compliant within the same month, as MEV enhance (block outsourcing) takes marketplace proportion.

Lachan Feeney, Labrys’ CEO, referred to the fact that within the case of difficult censorship, that might suggest that “regardless of how lengthy you waited, regardless of how much you paid, you will in no way get to some extent wherein the one sanctioned transactions might get covered within the blockchain.”

Under a difficult censorship scenario, “nodes might be compelled with the aid of using law to essentially discard any blocks with any of those transactions in them.”

He additionally referred to that, in spite of tender censorship, whilst sanctioned transactions might ultimately be validated, it might probably bring about lengthy waits and high-precedence fees, making the person revel in substandard.

According to Labrys’ page, there are presently seven primary mev-enhance relays consisting of Flashbots, BloXroute Max Profit, BloXroute Ethical, BloXroute Regulated, BlockNative, Manifold, and Eden. “Of the 7 to be had primary relays, handiest three do now no longer censor in step with OFAC compliance requirements. “OFAC compliant relays will now no longer consist of any transactions that engage with the Tornado Cash clever agreement or different sanctioned pocket addresses as precise with the aid of using OFAC,” said the company.

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