Gitex Global 2022 discusses the way to teach mainstream media on crypto

With cryptocurrency becoming more popular, mainstream retailers should be more knowledgeable about the market to ensure accurate reporting, according to a panel discussion at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) Global occasion held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

At the TDeFi Pavillion, Cointelegraphs editor-in-leader Kristina Cornèr participated in a panel dialogue titled “Crypto and Media: The View, The Perspective, and Chaos.” The panel was moderated by Maria Vovchok, ambassador at the Blockchain Association of Ukraine and Finoverse, and included Laura Inamedinova, founder of LKI Consulting, Triska Hamid, editorial director at Wamda, and Walid Abou Zaki, founder of Unlock Blockchain.

While the dialogue delivered up diverse points, one of the highlights of the panel turned into a query about the way mainstream media can be extra correct and informed while tackling crypto-associated reports. In reaction to the subject delivered with the aid of using Vovchok, Hamid highlighted that there are truly issues in terms of information in the world from mainstream shops. Hamid defined that

“We noticed the closing recession. Economic reporters had been suffering to apprehend issues that had been going on and relay them to the masses. So, I suppose theres a lack of information genuinely. ”

In coming up with a capacity solution, Abou Zaki advised that it’d be better to create new editors and reporters as opposed to moving mainstream media correspondents into crypto. The govt proceeded to narrate his experience with an editor he knew who simply gave up on looking to apprehend the gap while matters commenced to get complex. From what I see on this market, I consider the mainstream media and the editors within the area do not make sufficient time to study this era and this area, “he said.

Meanwhile, Inamedinova mentioned that even as crypto-centered media can be centred on quality, a few mainstream media shops are centred on getting clicks, publishing headlines that are clickbait to get extra visitors. According to the company govt, a few shops have the most effective awareness of the visitors and now no longer the quality. She defined that:

It’s all about quality, and also you do not need to lose your reputation. But for positive media shops, it is no longer true, no longer individuals who are sitting on the panel, it is all approximately the visitors.

Commenting on the subject of headlines, Cornér defined that after writing articles, one of the concerns is search engine optimization (SEO). The Cointelegraph editor-in-leader defined that overlaying information is a mixture of looking to be devoted to the idea and looking to get listed with the aid of using Google and different search engines.

She agreed that mainstream media once in a while prioritises SEO-pleasing over correct headlines, but in terms of crypto-centered media, stability ought to be reached. We can not permit ourselves due to the fact that we’re right here to sell actual schooling to the community. “And that is a large problem, I suppose,” she said.

Aside from headlines, Cornèr also spoke about influencers who work on dubious projects and the responsibility of reporters to turn in information.She defined that:

It’s fantastically crucial now no longer to ever neglect that we’ve a tremendous duty that influencers do now no longer. They have their very own dangers in terms of their followers. But we’ve got our duty to maintain our integrity as reporters.

Cornèr highlighted that this does not necessarily imply being on the pinnacle of matters, but instead spending time, electricity, and assets to test the entirety and make certain that each piece of information added has the voices of the events involved.

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