How an entrepreneur raised $10 million for her startup in a developing market. 

Josipa Majic explains what she and her companions did to construct a crypto enterprise at a time when buyers have been fleeing the space.

In the midst of the 2018 crypto fee slump, a young entrepreneur invested all her finances and private cash into a prototype that blended fintech and crypto offerings to provide digital debit cards and crypto charge offerings for subscriptions. But as it became an endured marketplace, nobody desired to make the investment capital to place the answer in the marketplace.

In the most recent episode of Cointelegraph’s “Crypto Stories” series, Josipa Majic describes how she and her colleagues built a crypto enterprise throughout a long market while buyers fled the crypto area.

“Everyone said no the instant they heard about our crypto roadmap. They stated that our LPs [limited partners] — so, their buyers — do now no longer recognise crypto. […] It became a sincerely discouraging second as it simply felt like the whole lot was turned towards us. And at that point, May of 2021 approached, and we had little to no cash. ”

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The company, Revuto, finally raised $10 million and had three million clients on its ready list before launch.

“Working on a crypto startup is a lot faster, more interesting, and additionally more annoying than running on a regular startup. In terms of the change, it is actually an order of significance.” 

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