Japanese gaming giant hires a lot of people before the NFT market

Japanese leisure and online game enterprise Konami has published new activity openings to enlarge its NFTs, Web3 and Metaverse services.

Konami is looking to expand its crypto-versed expertise pool as it looks to develop Web3 and Metaverse “experiences” as well as a nonfungible token (NFT) market.

The gaming industry is now one of many big names signaling an interest in expanding its Web3 services by acquiring new expertise.

On Oct. 13, the enterprise introduced that it had begun recruiting a “extensive variety of expertise” for “gadget creation and service improvement,” referring to the Metaverse and Web3 platforms.

Konami said that it’s been carrying out studies and improvements to contain “today’s technology” into its video games and content, including plans to release an NFT buying and selling platform on which gamers can change their in-sport virtual items.

The company is well-known in traditional gaming circles as the brains behind the Metal Gear Solid series, Castlevania, Dance Dance Revolution, and Frogger.

Konami is looking to fill a variety of positions, including device engineers, programmers, project managers, designers, and administrators, for its Web3 project.

The successful candidates will work on a “specific virtual object distribution platform” that conforms to Japanese pointers for blockchain video games.

This isn’t Konami’s first foray into nonfungibles. In January, the company released a group of NFTs to have a good time on the anniversary of its Castlevania franchise.

However, fundamental moves into NFTs by a few traditional gaming companies have been met with backlash, the most notable example being Ubisofts Quartz platform, which arrived below hearthplace in advance this year.

Last month, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot downplayed the company’s enthusiasm for NFTs, claiming that it had been in “study mode” all along.

Some game enthusiasts noticed gaming businesses’ movements into the NFT area as a cash grab. There have been additional environmental issues over the proof-of-paintings mining method used to mint them, even though a whole lot of those issues may be disregarded on the grounds that Ethereum, the enterprise trendy community for NFTs, has transitioned to proof-of-stake.

NFT earnings have fallen in line with the broader crypto market in 2022. In recent months, NFT income at the world’s largest market, OpenSea, has dropped by up to 99% from reported highs of more than $400 million earlier this year. 

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