LDA provides $ 50 million on xDC network to take care of Ecosystem

The XDC Network has utilized a portion of its personal token allocations to help secure a $50 million commitment from global alternative investment firm LDA Capital Limited. This will aid in the development and expansion of Layer 2 projects across the XDC Ecosystem and to enhance network adoption and utility. The XDC Network, which was […]

XDC Network used a portion of its private equity stake to help secure a $50 million commitment from global alternative investment firm LDA Capital Limited. This will enable the development and expansion of Layer 2 services in the XDC ecosystem and improve the adoption and usefulness of the network. The XDC network, launched in 2019, has recently seen the creation of DEXs, metaverses, NFT markets, word of mouth, e-mail and cloud storage providers, payment dApps, legal repositories and tokens. world treasure. The number of projects built on XDC has grown steadily and exponentially. The intervention of LDA will accelerate the growth rate.

Atul Khekade, co-founder of XinFin (XDC) Network said that

“Although there are many financial institutions willing to join the XDC network over the years, we are always looking for real partners, not just funders, who can work hard and in the right way and -continue in the environment, when they bring services to the network, making it better. XDC Layer 1 preferred for companies around the world, in LDA, we have found such a partner.

According to Ritesh Kakkad, founder of XinFin (XDC Network), their partnership with LDA will usher in an exciting new era in the history of the XDC network by enabling the massive growth of the Layer 2 ecosystem in ‘various situations. This growth will aim to bring TVL value (“Total Value Locked”) to the network through dApps, DEXs, TradeFi/DeFi and advanced products.

Anthony Romano, LDA Capital Ltd said that

“LDA Capital is pleased with the development of the XDC network from the XDC ecosystem. In addition to its investment, LDA will provide consulting and support to help the XDC Blockchain Network find its market capitalization position.

In addition, the collaboration between XDC Network and LDA leads to greater technological innovation and global network adoption.

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