To HODL or start a family? BTC earnings were used to pay for the IVF Bitcoin Babies.

A Bitcoiner in London brings a new meaning to the phrase “generational wealth.” Noodle offered a few bitcoin to pay for IVF remedies for two babies.

Hold Bitcoin until the very end or promote a touch bit to begin your own circle of relatives? For one Bitcoiner in Northwest London, it became a no-brainer.

Noodle, a Brit who first heard about Bitcoin in 2012, used the proceeds from his Bitcoin purchases to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for his wife.He told Cointelegraph that he has “no regrets” about starting his own family with fiat-denominated earnings from buying, storing, and selling Bitcoin.

Welcoming Noodle Jr. II to this loopy world After a difficult 6 days in a medical institution because of unexpected complications, Mrs. Noodle and I couldn’t be happier to carry this little hodler home!


Noodle first learned about Bitcoin at the end of 2012, when one Bitcoin was valued at approximately $13.

I was inside the gym chatting with this guy with whom I got along well.We were conversing in the converting rooms, and it was amusing because he was attempting to explain the Silk Road thing to me—which became on the dark web. “


With Bitcoin, Noodle and his wife were able to pursue their dream of starting their own family while remaining debt-free. “I suppose we’re done with children except the rate is going exceptionally crazy!” Noodle joked about whether or not there will be any extra Bitcoin child Noodles going for walks around North West London soon. 

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